the aftermath

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while – we have been busy getting ready for the big holiday and spending time with family. Just what the season is about.

So, now I have time to sort out photos and post some of the things I made – but, come to find out, I didn’t take as many as I thought! I knit 4 beaded necklaces from Laura Nelkin’s patterns, and I didn’t take one photo. Hard to believe, I know. So, if you want to see them, check out her website at I made one ribband as she designed it, and two from beads and yarn I had left over. I also made one rippled necklace, from her kit. I’ll make more eventually, but it is harder to do that with left over beads, so I’ll need to go bead shopping soon. 🙂 The four “big” nieces seemed to like them very much. The one “little” niece didn’t get one, she has about ten years to go before I think she will be ready for “good” knitting. In fact, I didn’t knit anything for her this year – but she did just get that lovely purple and green striped hat for her birthday, so I think she will be OK.

Mom, sister C and sister-in-law D seemed to love their scarves – Mom and C got the two estonian lace ones I knit this summer/fall, and D got a beaded one that I knit out of a lace weight silk mohair blend this summer. It was far easier than the lace, but I think it came out really elegantly, with the random beads through it. Too bad I didn’t take a photo of that. 🙂 But I did take photos ofhte lace ones, and I while I think I have posted them before, here they are again.P1080614

close up of the pattern.  Didn't realize the striped towel would show through!
close up of the pattern. Didn’t realize the striped towel would show through!

I made hats for A’s great niece and nephew – teenagers – scary to try to dress them, but I think they liked the hats. Niece seemed to love her beaded I cord tassel, which is great as I wondered if I was going over the top. I guess I wasn’t. Nephew’s hat was plain basic brown wool, and I think he appreciated no beads. 🙂

I did a better job on photographing the Christmas cards – enough to give instructions, so I will post that separately.

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