Dec 14 – OMG what a list!

It is a little scary all that I have to do today! But no “work”. Yippee.

First I wait for the bugman to come do his quarterly inspection and treatment, which we need, as there are spiders in the cellar. I hate spiders…

While I wait for him, a few household chores – laundry, clean the pellet stove, maybe a little vacuuming, but probably not if I can think of ANYTHING else to do. And I do have to finish the scarf I need to mail. And wrap up the presents that need mailing today.
Once he goes, then I get into action.
On my errand list – lots of shopping!

PO to mail the presents
a trip to Ellsworth to Reny’s (my favorite local discount store, so much more fun than Wally world.) to get presents for the three families I signed up for at work yesterday. What was I thinking? Well, I was thinking that I am very fortunate and I should share the goodness, but I was NOT thinking about how much work that would add to my Friday!
While I am in Ellsworth, a stop at Grasshopper Shop for stocking stuffers for A. Still haven’t done that yet!
Then off to John Edwards for a few presents for family.
Also need a Yankee swap gift for tonight – nothing like leaving it to the last minute. :-0
then, off to Bangor, where I have to get a game for one of the kids on the list from work, and continue the stocking stuffer shopping. Also want to get a few cat toys for the kids Christmas stockings.
Over to Staples for a new calendar – 2013 is coming fast, and I am writing January appointments on scraps of paper – not good!
Need to wind up in Bangor by 5-ish for A’s company Christmas Party. I hope I can stay awake to celebrate with them all!

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