Almost Friday

Here it is Thursday night and I never told you how I made out with my Friday list!

I did pretty well actually – got to Lowe’s and got the miter saw stand – pretty funny story there, actually – A and I were setting our Christmas budget, and I wanted it to be $100 more than she was saying, because when I saw the stand, I was sure the price was $100 more than she was budgeting for. I finally said “look, make it this much more than the price of that darned stand so I can get you some surprises!” and she agreed. So off I went to the store, and lo and behold – they had 2 – one was $100 more than the other. So we were both right. I of course, justified getting her the cheaper one because it is the one she was expecting – but also because it looks more like the size she wants – the expensive one was massive with giant wings, etc. I did order her the waffle iron, and I got her the chair repair kit as well. Now I have a little bit of money left to do her stocking.

I did go to the Toyota dealer,and was pleasantly surprised – nothing unusual wrong, so just got the tires rotated and the oil changed – and had enough Down East Toyota points to get it done for free! Gotta love that!

A came in just as I was getting ready to pay, so we headed across the street to Ruby Tuesday for dinner. I got the salad bar with a steak – which was silly, as I was too full to eat the steak, but it did mean that I had meals for the rest of the weekend. That is the one thing that is so hard to adjust to following the gastric by-pass surgery – and it has been almost 3 years! I try ordering small portions, and not much, but I always wind up carrying home 3/4 of the meal and eating it for days. You should see how long a pint of fried rice will last me. Ridiculous.

Saturday we were home, doing chores and not cleaning – but working on Christmas presents and cards. The glitter is taking forever…. Nothing too exciting. Sunday I went to Bangor to get niece B and take her down to her Dad’s for a visit – Mom and B came over for a few minutes on their way to a concert, so it was a good visit for B. THe first time the rest of the family has seen her all semester, and she is so close now! Hopefully, she will realize it isn’t so awful to see us, and we wont; take over her life, and we will see more of her in coming semesters. She is studying for finals now, and will head home the minute they end next Friday – her mom is meeting her at the dorm when they end. I will meet them both there so I can pass over the presents. Which are not done yet. eek.

I did finish the last scarf (not a lace one) and it is all pinned out, drying upstairs. Well, probably it is dry, so just sitting there waiting for fringe and wrapping. And I finished a necklace, and strung the beads for the last one. SO I feel like I made good progress on the handmade gifts this weekend.

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