Friday lists are back

After two weeks of family sadness and no lists, I am bringing them back.  Today’s is not all fun, though. It has real work on it.

I have to go to Ellsworth to a meeting for a couple of hours, then go to Bangor for another one.  Yes, I know it is Friday, but this happens now and then. Following that, I hope I have time to do a little shopping for A.  Since she never reads this blog (can you believe it?) I can tell you that I will be going to Lowe’s for the miter saw stand she wants, and I will be looking for a chair repair kit she mentioned.  And maybe find a few stocking stuffers while I am there.  From there, I head to Down east Toyota for a service appointment, and I hope that while there, I will be able to do a bit of shopping online, I have my eye on a waffle iron for A as well.  If I don’t order it soon, it won’t get here on time.  Any one have any ideas for things to get her that don’t cost a fortune, but that someone who likes to build things and be active would like?

A has to work today, but she gets out early.  So she will come looking at the Toyota dealer for me, and if I am there, we will head out for an early supper in town before we come home.  She offered to do my Christmas shopping for me, but I said no, I want there to be SOME surprises!

Each evening I work on the Christmas cards, they are coming together fast – I am on the glitter stage, which is a bit slower as I lack cleared surfaces to put them on to dry. So I do about a dozen a day, and should have this stage done this weekend.  Then comes writing out the envelopes and mailing them off.  Got the stamps already, so I think I am good to go. Can’t wait to share them with you, I hope I get good pictures.

Also working on my Christmas knitting, have a bit to get through in time to mail things off.  I did just find out last night that I have until the 21st for the things I will send home with niece B when she goes home for Christmas.  It is nice not to have to ship their presents.  I think that means I only have two packages to mail this year! I should get some of that done this afternoon as well, as I am almost done with a knit gift that needs mailing.  Maybe tomorrow I will actually get those things out.  Then I have to do the knitting for the girls in CT for B to transport.  THEN I can get back to hats.  I found a new challenge on She Makes Hats blog, and it is a good one – check it out at I can do this one, even with Christmas knitting to do.  Actually, I probably have some that fit the bill in my hat bag.   And my sister told me about an organization in her neighborhood in Portland named Root Cellar that can use things for grown ups as well, so I will probably give her some hats for that.  And I still want to fill my bag for the Nest .  I’ll be busy with needles for a long time to come! I also have another lace scarf in mind – a wonderful woman at work loves them as I work on them, so I think I will surprise her with one some day in late spring.

That’s it for today – I have to go get ready for work – blah.


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