almost there

What a long hard period this has been.  Bad news at work, related to funding, which means that over the next few months, everything could and probably will change, and at the end, I might not have a job.  Then dealing with Ma’s loss, which is very hard.  I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster.  Littlest thing makes me cry.  I have a meeting today to go to, then we head out for the Berkshires and Ma’s graveside service.  Not looking forward to it, even though I will see my cousins, whom I rarely do.

Not feeling very creative, although I have begun working on the Christmas cards – I picked such a nice simple one for this year, and it is coming together fast.  Once they are in the mail, I will post photos and instructions.  I also have been knitting, have lots of Christmas projects to do, no matter how low energy I feel.  Luckily, I can do that sitting ont he couch or in the car, and A will be driving tonight.  And tomorrow night. Should get a lot done. We’ll see.  I’ll need to remember that it will be dark for most of the driving when I pick my mobile project.  Hmmmm….

That’s about it for this week – just slogging through it all.  There should be a light in this tunnel sometime soon.


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