how I did with my list

Here’s what I planned to get done:

  • clean the cat box
  • do the laundry
  • tidy up the living room (cat toys and structures everywhere right now!)
  • rearrange the living room just for fun
  • start making christmas cards – I have a few ideas for them this year, and so will make a couple and let A choose which one is “it”.
  • turn that heel

Before I tell you how I did, let me just say that A came home early from work.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

  •  I did clean the cat box.  Those little kittens, especially Zumba, are very clear in reminding us of that one.
  • Laundry is in process. One load washed and dried, one load washed, one load waiting it’s turn.  Note I didn’t say any were folded and put away.  But they will be, honest.  Before I go to sleep tonight.
  • Tidy up the living room.  Looking around, I would say that is not to be checked off, although I did pick up all the scraps of packing paper the kittens played with all weekend.
  • Rearrange the living room.  Nope. Not one chair.
  • Start making Christmas cards – nope.  Never got upstairs.  Did I mention A came home early?
  • turn that heel – well of course I got that done!  And I got the heel gusset done and am now working on the foot.  Should be done in no time.  🙂

Here’s some other stuff that I got done that wasn’t on the list –

  • vacuumed our bathroom and bedroom. This is major.  I HATE vacuuming.  Detest it. The vacuum cleaner sucks – literally and figuratively.  It is perfectly good at vacuuming, but it NEVER comes along when I pull on it, and then I tug, and then it either crashes into me or a wall or some other stupid thing and I have to swear at it.  Two rooms at a time is my max. A usually does all the vacuuming.  It is easier on both of us that way.
  • cleaned the laundry room and put the furniture back the way A likes it.  The way it was before I did that huge cleaning there a few weeks ago and rearranged when I was done. I liked the new arrangement, but A didn’t, so back it goes.  After all, I like her to do all sorts of laundry.  🙂
  • went for a walk to see the new house down the lane – visited the neighbors to see who would be moving in.  Turns out it is the mother of another neighbor, which we were glad to hear – if she is anything like her daughter, she will be a good neighbor.
  • read many days of my niece C’s blog – she is an amazing woman – don’t really care about her re-blogs, but the posts she writes herself are pretty good. She is struggling to find a job, live her own life with ideas and views that differ from her family’s, and she is doing a good job of it all. I love reading about it, and can’t wait to see her next week!
  • took the kittens out on the deck, what a lovely day it was!  A bit breezy, but that makes the leaves dance, which makes the kids happy.
  • opened windows all over the house to let the warm breeze blow through – and I remembered to turn the heat off before I did that!  Not too shabby for an old lady like myself.

So that is what a fourth day of the weekend looks like from here.  Three days to work this week, then we are on VACATION! Lots going on while we are off work, I’ll fill you in when ti gets closer – but I know right now it will include a trip to Mom’s for a craft fair!  Wait patiently for more details.  🙂


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