Kittens’ first snowfall

Well, after a tropical storm last week, we are getting the season’s first nor’easter now.  For us at this time of year, it usually means a lovely mix of precipitation.  Later in the season, it will mean inches/feet of snowfall.

But yesterday morning, we awoke to a few inches (4?) of snow that fell overnight, and although it was raining by then, it was too good an opportunity to miss. I opened the door to the deck off our bedroom, and called the kittens.  Zumba came flying around the bed and launched herself out the door.  Allie came along more slowly and stopped at the doorsill.

Zumba stopped mid-deck, about three feet from the door, up above her knees in snow.   She was mystified, spun around and around putting out her paw and drawing it back in.  She created a lovely design in the snow.  We called her and called her from the doorway, but she wouldn’t come to us.  Allie sat there, watching and absorbing this major change in her world, with no intention of setting foot outside. 

Zumba finally realized that maybe she should hop up on the bench, because it clearly had a nice soft cushion.  The look on her face when she realized that the cushion was more of that cold stuff was priceless.  I finally went and got some shoes on and carried her in, she had no inclination to leap off that bench to come in the house.

I shut the door, put her on the bed to wipe off her feet, and we went on our way, getting ready for work.  Before too long, we noticed that Zumba was going from door to door, window to window, just staring out.  Allie was disgusted with the change and went off to play her normal morning games.

Before I left for work, I checked the door.  Zumba once again came flying around the bed. She wanted to go out again!  I am not sure why, if she was looking for more data to figure out what happened, or if she just decided it was an anomaly and it was all gone, or if she loved it and wanted to play more.  Whatever the reason, I didn’t let her out.

A took Allie Cat out on the porch with her when she went to shovel – let her put her feet in it.  Allie knew enough to pull her feet back and snuggle into A’s arms to be carried back in the house.

This snow is a wet and heavy snow – we are looking forward to the first light fluffy foot of snow to see what the kids do then.  A says they need to learn something new every day. Today they got their first lesson on winter weather.


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