I  think I worked 70 hours this week – and that is with one evening meeting cancelled because of the storm.  No wonder I have less than low energy today!

The good news is that all the work was worth it – the conference came off REALLY well.  No serious glitches, the schedule ran like clockwork, and I think participants had a good time. The governor came, made his speech, left without incident.

Afterwards, a few of us on the committee went out to Finn’s for a drink (them) and dinner (all of us), and A joined us.  She and I went over to the Grand to see the local premier of a documentary film, “Betting the Farm” which was EXCELLENT. It featured the farmers of ten brave farms who started their own milk company – Maine’s Own Organic Milk, and told the tale of the struggle it has been.  Since I know some of them, it was especially meaningful to me – and they had them there afterwards to answer questions.  The film makers were also there, so it was a nice evening. But I came home, went to bed and never knew another thing until 8AM.  That is unheard of, that I would sleep through Allie crying for someone to play with her at 5 am.  A heard her and got up for a few minutes, which I really appreciate.

So – other things about this week besides work?  I made some birthday cards, and had to send them off without getting photos, since I was so late getting them made! And I started getting the packages I ordered last week – so I have brother N’s 50 birthday present, and got some more of that yarn I need for the scarf I am working on.  I took the opportunity to buy some knitted jewelry kits I have been eying – I think actually, I could figure out how to do them from the photo in the catalog, but I hate to do that to a person who went to all the trouble to make great kits – so I bought one necklace and one earring kit – and now that I have paid for the pattern, I feel free to remake and modify it to my heart’s delight. Some lucky niece will get a cool new project made for her for Christmas.

This week my grandmother turned 103.  Isn’t that amazing?  I can’t believe.  I’ll see her next weekend, since I knew it was not possible to add a trip to CT to this weekend.

This week we survived Sandy unscathed. Hard to believe.  And she lasted all week – the barometric pressure is still lower than it was Monday.  I hope she keeps moving and we get our normal air (cooler) and higher pressure. I think low pressure adds to my feeling of low energy.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year – longest one, and it is a weekend!  Yahoo!  I am glad it is TODAY that I am exhausted, because tomorrow I will have an extra hour to do whatever I want with.  Pretty amazing!

A is downstairs working on the last bit of the bed.  I am supposed to be making a few more birthday cards… so I guess I should think about that.


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