Friday afternoon

It is a blustery day, clear but chilly in the wind.  A good day for “do a chore, read a chapter”  or watch a show.  The kittens enjoy the part where I sit still for a while.  Allie is once again supervising the chores. So, she is exhausted again.

I think I have everything done that needs to be done for the visit – beds are made, bathroom is clean, towels are out.  Meat for crock pot stew is thawed,  I will chop the veggies tomorrow night. Shopping is done, table is cleared and even has a cloth and a center piece of gourds and pumpkins.  It is sort of amazing.  Also, about 50 loads of laundry are washed, dried, folded and put away.  AND I am sitting with a rerun of Numb3rs on and a kitten by my shoulders…Zumba, who is loving the fact that the sheets are off the furniture.  Allie is in her basket – she is very happy that the blankets in it are fresh from the dryer – sounds really wonderful, doesn’t it? Pellet stove (all clean!) will go on a few minutes (next ad, maybe?) so then it will be really warm and cozy here for people, too.

I also knit a few pattern repeats on my latest lace scarf – I’m halfway through it.  I think I will need more yarn though.  the safest thing would be to call the store and have them ship it, but what fun is that?  Maybe I will swing through Rockland on Sunday and see if they are open, and pick up a skein… or two.  🙂

I finished felting the hat – it came out fine for a kid – lots warmer than it was when I started, but smaller than I thought it would be. Nice and soft, though.  I think I will continue working on this to perfect it – just knit giant hats, then boil them for a while, put them in an ice bath, then through the washer and dryer, and voila!  thick warm felt. A new thing to master. There is alway something.


2 thoughts on “Friday afternoon”

    1. I have a friend who does that to get yarn – she carefully picks the sweaters apart, then uses the yarn to make new things. I haven’t that much patience! But to make felt – I MIGHT have that much patience. 🙂 Then I would have to create something to make with the felt. I don’t think that would be a problem…

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