Sailing at last!

We sailed out of Rockland Harbor, toward Rockport.

Rockland from the sea

As the breeze was light, we didn’t get too far, but we were moving the whole time, and it was beautiful.  We saw several different ducks and loons, as well as a sturgeon leap out of the water along side the boat.  Just gorgeous!

Sailing past Rockland Breakwater light

A and L were teasing me for all the layers – tights, long johns,jeans, 2 pairs of sox, turtleneck, sweater, insulated jacket, gloves and a wool hat (a new hand knit one, of course.)  However – !  When we were out on the bay, I was cozy and warm, and they looked a little chilly.  The others on the boat seemed chilly too – just in fleece. Fleece is lovely, but it doesn’t keep the wind out.  Of course, Captain Bob was barefoot for the whole cruise, so maybe it was just me who needed layers!

A and L looking chilly. And although you can’t see it, Capt. Bob is barefoot!

Anyway, the day was really glorious, and we had a fun sail, cold weather not withstanding. At least it was clear and a bit windy – better than the last two tries. And just in time, Bob said he is hauling the boat next week.


Owls Head Light

One thought on “Sailing at last!”

  1. You said something about Rockport, are you in Connecticut? So A has a workshop in the basement and you make the cards and what else? I have a workshop that I had the Amish build. I thought it would be big enough at 14 X 20 ft. but, I have outgrown it. I am retired and took money from unused sick days to pay for my shop. It has 3 windows and loft on 3 sides. I make small things and furniture when asked. I am totally self taught. I prefer small things. I would like to know more about you. I am in Kentucky. We could e-mail if you want to. My address is I do photography and my partner is an artists that sometimes uses the wool from our llamas. Would love to hear from you. Melanie

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