Even rainier Sunday

another halloween card complete

What a weekend for getting things done!  It seems like we are sitting a lot between projects, yet somehow, another card got made, and grape juice is being strained through cheesecloth as we speak.  And the most amazing thing – the planter box is complete at last!  Of course, it was pouring rain when I finished it, so A and I carried it out to near its future home and dropped it.  Next nice day off from work, I will get it set and begin filling it with lovely rich dirt. In these photos, you can see the fine soil we have – rocky gravel.  Not lovely, and the reason for the need for the box in the first place.  Once it is filled with asparagus, I think it will make a beautiful screen for the pool.  That photo is about 11 months away, I guess.

A is planning on spending the afternoon in her workshop today – working on the infamous bed (now that I am out of her hair!) It is REALLY close to done – maybe in the next few weeks?  All the boxes are made, and now she is just working out the trim dimensions.  Once that is done, she will calculate the depth of the drawers and affix the drawer glides.  After that, she just has to attach the bead board drawer fronts, and then I paint the boxes.  Last step is to bring the boxes upstairs and then build the deck that holds it all together.  I can hardly wait!  Not just to see the bed, but to get my hands on the drawer space! And, I can’t wait to show you the photos of that project complete. The bed is a copy of the Stratton bed from Pottery Barn, and we got the directions from Ana White’s blog.  It is not as easy as she indicates it is, but maybe if we just did this for a week or so, it would be faster.  But we don’t.  We do a million other things in between long workshop sessions.  However, it is empowering A and she is now looking forward to building the bookshelves in the loft, some for her office, and picture frames.  She has subscribed to a few woodworking magazines – a couple of which are for people with her skill level (novice) and Mom gave her Fine Woodworking, which has such elegant things, but when I ask about them, I am told no, way too hard.  But still, I think inspiring, that they can be built.  So maybe I will add furniture making to my list of crafts that I love.  Certainly I enjoyed making my cedar box, which is not square or level in any way, shape or form.  I decided it didn’t matter because it isn’t like the ground is level, so I can make up for it when I put it in place.  And I thought that all the way up to putting on the last piece of trim which is NOT straight as compared to anything.  I am pretty sure the plants will hide it…  🙂


2 thoughts on “Even rainier Sunday”

  1. I love these! You guys are amazing! Where is A’s workshop? I didn’t even know A had one! That card is one of my favorites of all your cards. It is silly and happy and wonderful. So are you.

    1. A’s workshop is in the cellar. She has had one down there since we moved in – she dreams of the day we get a garage and get all that other stuff out of there. 🙂
      Thanks for the compliments on the card – of course, it looks better in person than in the photo. Hard to get the colors right.

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