Rainy Saturday

Yesterday went pretty much as planned, EXCEPT I almost forgot book group!  We haven’t met in so long, and we rarely meet on Fridays, so it really slipped my mind.  Luckily, one of the group emailed me about a ride, and I saw it in time!  We met in Cherryfield, and everyone was there – very rare.  the book we read, Gold by Chris Cleaves was a fast read, but we all struggled with the black and white characters. So we didn’t really talk about it much.  But we did pick our next several books, and dates, and I will write them down! Next is Quinlan’s Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake.

Today, as it is RAINING AND COLD, instead of going sailing, we are sitting in front of the fire watching all the season premiers of our favorite shows.  However, earlier today, I processed the grapes wonderful sister-in-law L brought to us last night. Her neighbor is cleaning off his grape vines for the winter, and said she could take all she wanted.  She gave us two huge bags full to make jelly.  This morning I picked them all, mashed them and cooked them.  Now they rest, and chill, then tomorrow they go through the food mill, then in the cheese cloth overnight.  After I picked them over, I weighed the pan – 31 pounds!!!

I took photos, and you should be so proud – same day I did it and took them, they are coming off the camera!

A also helped me rip the boards to complete the planter, but I haven’t gone back down stairs to put it together. there is still more weekend left for stuff like that!

fresh picked grapes
ready to clean
one collander at a time; canner almost full!
ready to mash!
after simmering, new color of grape mash cooling

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