It finally got here

I am so glad it is finally Friday!  A got home from a week in Jackman last night, the kittens and I were all happy to see her!  Between work and her being gone, the week was a wee bit stressful.

Today is a beautiful morning, but they promise a change in the weather, so we might not go sailing tomorrow… which leaves our 2nd back up date of Columbus Day for the big sail.  I am sort of hoping tomorrow is just a bit gray so we can go while it is still sort of warm.

I have to spend a little time in the craft room this morning  (shucks!) to finish up some October pumpkin themed things for the bulletin board at work, which I will be heading off to do later this morning.  Staying for pizza lunch and then coming home, hopefully, to work on finishing the cedar planting box – I have the wood, just have to cut it and put it on, then the box is ready to put out! There WILL be photos of my first woodworking project, do not worry.

I also have to finish putting the pool to bed – not sure if this will happen this weekend, because I need some dry days to do it right – there is just a skim of water in the  bottom to get out, and then it has to dry and get folded up for storage in the cellar.

So it promises to be a weekend full of fun things to do, and I don’t even know what A will add to the mix!

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