hat attack!

All summer I have been working on hats for the winter wear project at work.  Tomorrow I will empty my stash by bringing it in to join the pile of warm clothes we give to folks each year.  I thought I would take a photo of them all before they left us. My deal with myself to reduce my yarn stash is that I have to knit one hat to give away for everything I knit for friends, family and myself.  This pile of 28 hats in a variety of sizes is the result of this summer’s knitting.  Sometimes I do more than one hat, if I have a lot of meetings, say – since I can knit these in my sleep, they are good for keeping my hands occupied.

Most of these are made with Lamb’s Pride worsted weight, although there is plenty of unknown origin stash yarn in them as well.  I use left over yarn from other projects, and occasionally will buy yarn to make hats – like, when I realized I had lots of pink, purple and blue, and that things were looking pretty feminine in the hat pile, I bought some more masculine or gender neutral colors.

Now that I have emptied the storage bag of these, I’ll have to start filling it again.  Gotta keep Maine heads warm this winter! And my hands busy…

If you have hats, mittens, scarves to contribute, just send them along to Winter Wear, c/o Washington Hancock Community Agency PO Box 299 Ellsworth, ME 04605.  If you have yarn you want to get rid of that you think someone else could make into warm accessories, you can send that along too, we have lots of knitters and crocheters who would be glad to make things up for the program.  Your contribution will be much appreciated.

This summer’s hats – 28 of’em

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