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Yesterday was our first knitting day since little niece E started school.  It was very different – conversations got completed, knitting happened, my sister was clean, not hassled, there was a tablecloth on the table!  Wow, and only a few weeks into the school year!  It did feel a little strange not to have the little monkey around, but good to be able to have grownup talk through the whole meal.  And I did a lot of knitting.  Also, Mom drove from her house to Portland and back, so I got to knit in the car for all of those hours. I got half a hat done!  Sister-in-law D was also able to make it, and cousin MPC, so it was a really nice gathering of female family. And C said that E loves kindergarten, does really well there with lots of other kids around.

Today A and I slept late, then had a nice brunch, then went downstairs where she helped me rip boards for the trim on my big planter.  We are short two boards, so will get them tomorrow when we are out doing all the errands we did not do today, then we can finish it.  Of course, we are short because I measured wrong on a section.  Sigh.  Anyway, it is almost done, and I think it looks great, and will really work well for the asparagus.  tomorrow we will finish it, with luck, and put it outside and full of dirt, to sit and rest until spring.

Sister-in-law L was over this afternoon – I made popovers and she brought things to try on them.  We loved nutella – tried it with cinnamon butter and with raspberries, both were delicious.  I think I am in love with nutella now…

The other thing I did today was pull the plug on the pool.  To do that, I had to get in it, and it was COLD.  It is amazing to me how fast it empties, when it took so many weeks to fill!  Tomorrow it should be completly empty, and I will clean it, fold it up and load it into the basement for the winter.  I also have to bring the porch plants in this weekend – not sure where they will all go, since they need to go places the cats can’t snack on them, but I’ll figure it out some how.  For the moment, they can go in the guest room, but as we will have guests in a few weeks, that is a temporary solution.  I suspect I will be hauling many of them up to the craft room eventually.

It is looking quite fall-like around here now.  Trees are starting to turn, sun sets early. Acorns dropping all over the place.  Pool is flat.  Summer is over again.


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