day after the storm

Tuesday night was wild here – wind howling, rain pouring down.  A cold front followed the storm through, and so last night was chilly, although we did not get the predicted frost – still haven’t had a frost, and the tomatoes are HAPPY about that.  Anyway… today is so clear and cool, just the most beautiful fall day.  I went out and got the lawn chair out of the vegetables (did I mention the wind blew?) and noticed that all of my sunflowers, which were FINALLY opening, are gone.

“The wind” you say confidently “blew those tall plants down.”  I beg to disagree.  These sunflowers have been neatly pruned, about 4 feet above the ground.  Those lovely little deer we see all over the place, with their cute little fawns, have discovered a taste for sunflowers.  They left them alone ALL summer long, and now that the flowers have bloomed and were looking so pretty by the blue pool, the varmints came along and ate the tops of them.  How long have they been checking them out, waiting for the blossoms?  I don’t know, but it is annoying.  Our neighbors have huge beautiful gardens, and I have 6 paltry sunflowers.  Doesn’t seem fair.  And they did it before I got a photo!  I guess I will have to rethink my flower plan, and do more Queen Anne’s lace, which they apparently don’t like as the yard is a field of the stuff all summer long.

The only storm damage we had besides a chair in the carrots is a geranium which fell from its stand and smashed on the deck.  I thought I had pulled it close enough to the house, but the stand was tippy, and I should have moved the plant to the ground.  Oh well.  It was just a clay pot, and I can use the pieces for drainage in other things.  And I think I can save the plant if I get to repot it soon.  I was just glad it wasn’t one of my special glazed pots that broke.

Other than that what we got for a night of howling wind and rain was one nervous kitten, no sleep, and a world that looks freshly scrubbed.  Not a bad deal. Didn’t even lose power.


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