Fresh off the needles and the camera

the whole thing, stretched and drying

Here it is, drying, spread out with the lace blocking wires.  It took a long time – at least half an hour to get the wires threaded and staying in place with the scarf fully stretched.  I need to find something thicker to pin it to, this cork is too thin.  I read one person’s comments on the wires, she uses her bed.  Not sure about that, but I had trouble getting the pins to stay put, so I do need something to change.  However – it was pretty easy to pin straight, and once it was set, it dried beautifully.

While these projects take a while to make, quite fussy, they are really beautiful when they are done.  I definitely see more in my future – and thus, in yours!

This scarf is knit using yarn I got at the Maine Fiber Frolic, it is a silk alpaca blend from Pine Star yarns, in Denmark Maine.  She dyes such lovely colors, and her prices are very reasonable.


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