Small world

Yesterday I wore a t-shirt brother N and his wife, D gave me one Christmas.  It is a plain white t-shirt with a small icon commemorating Block Island’s 350th year. On the back it has an old sepia toned photo of the island.

Pretty nice, plain, low-key shirt.

I was sitting eating a snack after the Aids walk, when one of the other walkers asked me if I had been to BI.  Yes, I replied, I used to spend a good part of every summer there.  Well, this person had never been, but his family came from there, were some of the original settlers – Trimm is his family name.  I of, course, thought of Trimm’s Pond right away, but don’t know any other Trimms.

I thought that was pretty unusual, since Block is pretty obscure when you are in Maine.

Next stop – the ReStore.  The clerk said to me “Are you from Block Island?  I grew up there!”  so we had a nice chat about the island – her dad ran the Mansion Hotel, and she was amazed I knew about it – but everyone knows Mansion Beach is the best place to swim! Same nice beach as Crescent, but not the same crowds.

Next stop – grocery store.  Walking down the aisle, a man said to me “Eastport to Block Island!” and so we stopped while he told me about living in Boston, and listening to the marine weather forecast, which, as he said, is cut into segments, and one of those is Eastport to Block.

This used to happen to A as she traveled the country in her Michigan State sweatshirt (no she did not go there, she is just a coach Palumbo fan) but it has never happened to me, and I certainly never expected it to in that simple Block Island T-shirt.

Now I will have to start documenting these incidents – start my own six degrees study…I wonder if Kevin Bacon ever went to Block???


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