Down East Aids Walk for Zero

A, L and I went down to Bar Harbor yesterday for the DEAN walk.  It was a bit cold and cloudy, but we got warm walking!  Together, A and I raised $460 for DEAN – thanks very much to all of you who contributed to us!  The walk raised over $7,000 for DEAN – I am not sure, but I think this might be a record.

After the walk, we all gathered at the YWCA for some snacks and prize drawings.  I was happy to win a gift certificate to Cadillac Mountain Sports – we walked over there on our way out to lunch, and I got some new sox.  Very exciting.

A was craving a burger after a week of rigorous dieting, so we found a good place for lunch – A and L tried some fried mac and cheese – don’t ask me how they make it, but it looked like they batter dipped mac and cheese and then fried it.  Over kill, if you ask me!

We walked through town and then headed back to Ellsworth – went to the new ReStore – very nice space, some good deals on used furniture.  Too bad we don;t need any.  🙂

Finished up the day with a trip to the “big” store for a few things we can’t get here, and of course, got a whole lot more than we thought we needed going in.  What is it about grocery stores that makes us pick up things not on the list?  I guess we are a marketers dream customers.


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