What vacation?

Wow, does it come back fast – the edgy stress – too big a to-do list. I feel like last week was a dream. It was a good one, though.

One good thing about today is that we had our work “knitting” group – just a few of us who get together once a month for an hour or so to knit and de-stress. It started as a “wellness” activity, and it is still a good stress buster. And we get things done. Good to have time to relax a bit with coworkers before we hurry home to our other busy lives.

I started Niece E’s hat – you know the one she told me I should write down, so that I would remember what she wanted when I went to make it, since I am “a very old lady”. Well, I hope I am getting it right, I know she will tell me if I mess up! It is green and purple striped – a pattern I am making up. If it is a good one, I will do what I committed to a few weeks ago – research the pattern to be sure it truly is new, and then write it down and then figure out how to sell it (and make my fortune.) I’ll take photos, just in case it is a winner. It certainly is bright, I’ll say that.

And, if you know my rule about finishing one project before I start another, then you know that means the Estonian lace scarf came off the needles – that was early this morning! I’ll block it this evening with my new lace blocking wires – photos to come. It went so much more easily than did the shawl, it is amazing. For that I have to thank Quinn at Halcyon Yarn class for the lifeline lesson. So simple. If I haven’t shared it before – here it is. when you know you have the right number of stitches on and the pattern is right, simply take a piece of floss (she uses unwaxed dental, I used embroidery) about 6-8 inches longer than the piece is wide, and a regular yarn needle. run the thread through the knitting while it is on the needles, right below the needle, making sure to catch every stitch. Keep knitting. If you make an error and have to rip out, do so with abandon – when you come to the string, all your stitches are live – just pick them up and go forward again. Move the floss periodically, and you will not have to painstakingly unknit back to where you think you might have it right. Saves TONS of time and aggravation, I can testify to it.


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