Another productive day

Today’s plan: rent a truck to haul junk to the dump.

Seems simple, but our plans never stay that way.

A made the arrangements to rent her dream vehicle – double cab Toyota Tacoma.  Since we had to pick it up at the dealer, we figured it was a good time to get my car serviced, so I made an early appointment to do that.

Then, because we would be in Bangor, we made plans with sister-in-law L to go for a walk at Bangor City Forest.

While it took some coordination, it all went like clockwork, and we got the truck, had a nice walk on the bog walk, and were home by lunch time.  We took two loads of old rotten stuff over to the dump, dealt with the dump nazi as best we could – we go there every week for 5 years, and he can’t remember seeing us, so we had to go to the town office to get a temporary permit, since we were not in our usual vehicle.  But other than that, it was pretty basic and it felt good to get rid of all the old pallets, broken furniture, old desks and rotten doormats.

We stopped at Lowe’s on the way back from picking up the truck and got new doormats – they smell like rubber, but look so much better than our old ones.  I am sure the smell will dissipate, but I am glad we got them while we could still leave the doors and windows open. We were on a search for cedar lumber to make a raised bed for asparagus to screen the pool, but they didn’t have what we were looking for.  Stopped at dear old EBS on our way to the dump, and they had exactly what I was looking for.  It will be delivered tomorrow or Monday. That is good news, I will need a project for next weekend.

After the dump, we returned the truck, and then we both took naps – not sure why we were so tired – it wasn’t that hard loading the truck, but we are on vacation, so naps are A-OK.  The kittens were surprised, of course, that we went to bed in the middle of the afternoon, but they quickly figured out that it was a good thing, and they curled up with us.

Before supper tonight, I went up and hung the valance in the craft room, over the little window.  Craft room curtains are done!!!! Now I have to clear out the boxes under that window, and install the counter top.  I think I can do that on Saturday.  Then I will check my vacation to do list and see what I have to race through on Sunday to show some progress!

Tomorrow is a sailing adventure with Mom, A and L, postponed from Wednesday.  Saturday afternoon we head to Orono to go to Orono Village festival and then a birthday party for A’s great-niece and nephew.  Sometime between now and then, I need to make them some birthday cards… which reminds me that making cards is on my vacation list – to have a little stockpile so I am not doing crisis card creation.

I also need to find some time in the next few days to make the blackberry jelly – I made the juice the other day, but need to finish the job.  So it will be a busy few days!


2 thoughts on “Another productive day”

    1. I always need a project to be working on, you know me! As for pallets – these were old rotten ones, so we recycled them. We kept good ones to stack wood, but I will keep you in mind, next time, we will bring them over to you. We use A’s woodworking scraps for kindling, but as you know, we don’t have fires very often.

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