Roman shades complete!

I finished them today, and installed them.  They are not perfect, but they already make a huge difference in how finished the room feels. And I think, if we get another sunny day, they will make a difference in the light up there, and how hot the room gets in the afternoon.  Maybe they will help with the winter heat, but there are enough gaps around them that I am not holding my breath on that one.

I followed instructions in an old Laura Ashley home dec book I have – they are a little more ruffly than I would choose – if I were making them again, I think I would spread the pleats farther apart.  I did a bit more than the book said, but I think more could even be better.  I also made an alteration based on my experience with some purchased shades we have – the pleats hang down over the bottom of the shade, and so, since we leave them up almost all the time, there is a wide faded strip of fabric when we lower them.  These will not have  that problem as I left 5-6 inches below the batten, so when they are fully open, the pleats don’t fall below the bottom of the shade.

Now I have to go up to the craft room again – this time to install the curtain on the little window (that has been made up for months, but I have not been able to get to it to hang it!) and then prep area for new counter and customized sewing area!  Woo hoo!

before the shades were installed
shades installed and all the way down
shades part way up
shades up, as they usually will be.

2 thoughts on “Roman shades complete!”

  1. lovely and thank you for scouting out and sharing! Now, what is in that tall shelving unit aside the window? And, does wife A also knit or handcraft? See what happens when I read . . . I get a million questions and get quite annoying.

    I bought this red wagon (wait, I’ll see if I can post a link here) I am always looking for creative ways to store yarn as I find a multitude of shelving units boring. Well, running on another errand I stumbled across this (the link) and immediately thought how cool for yarn storage and different. I’ve ordered it and will take pics after it is settled in my yarn room and if I like it. Then, we could have a discussion about storing hand knits.

    1. lol not annoying – I’ll try to go in order…
      Tall shelving unit has card making supplies in it – 8.5 x 11 cardstocks, tools, paints, colored pencils, ink pads, etc. Not all are filled. It is a tower of those plastic drawers which never were intended to go so tall, and if it ever topples I will make it shorter. But that is a lot of storage in 1 square foot of floor space!
      Wife A does know how to knit, but she does not enjoy it and is not proficient. She has made a baby blanket, and wants to learn her mother’s baby bootie pattern someday. I can see her now with 4 tiny double pointed needles…
      She does do wood working, is self taught since we bought the house. She enjoys making things by hand, but thinks knitting is too fussy.
      My yarn is stored in small and medium clear bins in the closet, which is all shelves, so holds lots of yarn and fabric, also in bins. Right now it is mostly sorted by color, although where I have yarn for a specific project, that is in its own bin, sometimes with pattern and occasionally needles (but then I go digging for needles and disturb the plan).

      I love the wagon! In the living room, I use an IKEA kitchen cart, which I think I might have blogged about, I will go check that out, I remember I got it when I went to CT when my niece graduated, so I can pinpoint the time of that post. Anyway, it has three tiers, and is always overflowing, but has books and patterns on top, and yarn in the middle, below and oozing over the edges. 🙂

      Storing hand knits – A built us a king sized Captain’s bed. It has 6 drawers, which were supposed to be divided like this: two for sheets and towels, two for her, two for me. She is down to one, I have three, and two of those are filled with my sweaters and things, mostly hand knit. I have cedar planks in the drawer to keep the moths away. In my closet I have a small basket I keep filled with shawls and cowls and things, but it is not big enough, so I need to rethink that…

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