How we watch the Olympics

We DVR everything.  It is HOURS of video, mostly of people talking saying the dumbest things.

We watch some every night, and lots on the weekends.  We figure at this rate, we will watch the closing ceremonies sometime in December.

We already know the medal count (who cares????) and who wins what because we do listen to the radio and watch the news.  But it is still fun to see it.  And fast forward through ALL the interviews and chatter.  (Take that, network newsies!  We don’t want to hear your lame thoughts.)

We especially like how they listen to us!  We were watching the men’s synchronized diving – I think it was platform.  Only a week late.  I said to A “I don’t see how those bathing suits stay on.”  Not 2 dives later, sure enough, we got mooned.  It happened twice before NBC stopped showing the underwater shot quite so fast. Gotta wonder why they don’t wear the swimsuits like the girls wear racing. No wardrobe malfunctions there!  We also wonder why they didn’t put radiant heat under the sand at the beach volley ball arena.  Seems a no brainer when you are playing in England. The sand is not warm like in California!

So tonight we will watch again and see something that happened last week, and find ourselves cheering on an underdog that we happen to know already lost and went home after a tearful touching interview.

 Do they ever remember that even when they lose, they are still the 8th best at what they do in the whole world?  That is nothing to cry about.  It is really good.  Just getting to these games means you are really good.  We can’t all be Michael Phelps. Heck, even Michael Phelps can’t be Michael Phelps this year. To which I say good – give someone else half a chance!

I’ll let you know what I think of the closing ceremonies at Christmas when we finally see them.


Kitten photos

Zumba and Allie on their first day with us

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