watching Allie sleep

She is sprawled out on the floor in the sunshine…her stocky little body positioned for best breeze, lazy viewing of hummingbirds if she opens her eyes, AND protectively guarding the scratching post.  A little multitasker.  And somehow, she looks comfortable.

I love quiet Fridays!  Already been to town to the doc (freckles and sunspots on back are just that, and don’t need to be removed, but checked annually.  Yeah!), ordered the countertops for A’s office and the alcove in the craft room, very exciting.  They will come while we are on vacation, so I assume they will get installed sometime before Christmas.

Still have to:

  • Make phone calls for Down East Aids Network fundraiser
  • Make Lasagna for game night
  • Go to game night
  • Play with kittens
  • Do laundry

not in that or any particular order… except, with luck, I will make the lasagna before I leave for game night!

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