Friday morning

I’m lounging on the bed checking lottery tickets and blog comments.  A is on the other end of the bed, playing with the cat charmer and Zumba.  Good day.

I suppose it could be slightly better – we could have won the lottery.  But it is pretty good as it is.

Yesterday’s rain has passed, and the world is dripping clean.  The hummingbirds are flitting everywhere – I didn’t know we had so many – there were at least 6-7 buzzing about earlier.  And so Allie is glued to the window seat.

Today’s list is not too long – I have to make a couple of birthday cards, and a few belated ones, sadly… I am getting so bad at some things.  I also have to go to EBS to get the counter top samples so we can choose the counters for the office, and the craft room.  I hope they still make the one I have on the long wall, as I really want them to match, but if they don’t, at least they will be across the room from each other! A has an idea of how to do a staggered effect for her desk/printer table, and so wants to choose her color for that.  It feels really good to be getting the house done enough that we are taking care of finishing details.  We just do a little at a time as we are able, and it is starting to show.

I have to go to the PO as well, see what wondrous things have arrived at the box, and of course, clean the cat box and play with the kittens.  they are sleepy right now since A played with them a lot this morning, so I will have a bit of peace.

By the way – Allie is so smart. She can’t jump on the counter from the floor, but she CAN jump on the table, and from the table she can take a flying leap and just make it to the counter. I discovered her last evening, just sitting on the counter looking around at the world from a new viewpoint.  She responded well to the squirt bottle, and leapt to the floor immediately.  She hates the water, and learns fast from it, so I think only one or two more times will teach her to stay down. Zumba, on the other hand, can live with the risk.  Sigh.  They also pulled the sheets down from the door, confirming that I was right to put the good curtains away and hang sheets instead, but making me worry about what we will do this winter, when we will want heavier things than sheets hanging across our doors and windows.  I doubt they will get over the joy of tumbling in curtains in the next three months.


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