Zumba’s new party trick

It isn’t a good one.  This morning, I was at the counter, mixing the dry cat food to fill the dish, when suddenly, there was a kitten investigating the cat food bags.  She is finally big enough to jump straight up from the floor to the counter, no running leap necessary, no nearby stool or chair required.

Naturally I hollered, and put her down.  And just as naturally, she was back in less than 2 seconds.  So I nailed her with a squirt from the sink hose.  She scrambled down to clean that nasty clean water off, but I bet she spends some time up there today while I am gone. As long as she doesn’t teach Allie how she does it…


4 thoughts on “Zumba’s new party trick”

    1. If I thought Allie could make the leap, I might believe you. But she just sits, looking longingly up at the counter, wishing she were shaped more like her long lean sister and less like a barrel. She has, however, taught Zumba a few other tricks, like climbing the laundry rack.

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