Weekend! Love’em. Want more of’em.

Even when they suck, they are great!  This one will be filled with family – knitting day with “the girls” (mom, sister, sister-in-law, a niece and maybe a cuz) tomorrow in Portland, summer family birthday gathering on Sunday – AT OUR HOUSE!  So cool that everyone is willing to make the drive. A wants lobster, and it is cheap as can be right now, so we are having that for those who want it.  For the rest of us, lots of cold salads. and cake.  yummy.  I am trying a new gluten-free mix, I hope it is good, since it is better for us than the traditional cakes.  I haven’t been wiling to do gluten-free from scratch yet, but I found mixes at King Arthur Flour (www.kingarthurflour.com) and so will try one.  Of course, I will make homemade butter cream frosting for it – no gluten in sugar and butter!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

As for knitting – I’ll bring along the shawl to show off and brag about, and maybe the new lace scarf I am working on now.  I think I have figured out the pony tail hat pattern, though, in my head, so I might bring that along to try it and see if it works as I think it will.  If this works, and I can write it down so it makes sense, this could be the start of my knitting pattern empire! I have asked TWO teenaged girls if pony tails and hats cause them a problem in the winter, and received a resounding yes.  Both are willing to try the hat and provide feedback.  And they aren’t even nieces, so I am a bit excited at the prospect. Just have to knit the hats!

Naturally, Saturday will be filled with cooking and cleaning, and getting the pool nice and clean for everyone. I have vacuumed it a few times this week, gotten lots but not all of the sand out of the bottom.  Not sure how it gets there, but it does. Of course, the weather is supposed to be nasty until Sunday, and Sunday is debatable, but that is OK.  We will still have fun.  Niece E will go swimming with me, if it isn’t freezing out.  She won’t even care about that, but her mother will.  🙂

And we will see how the kittens do with a house full of people.  I predict Allie will hide all day, and Zumba will come out after a while because she won’t be able to stand not knowing what is going on.

Oh, I am so glad the weekend is finally here, and so glad I have Fridays off and so glad that I have a fun family.


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