There must be a thief around here

Because someone stole July, and maybe June, too!  I can’t believe how fast the summer is going.  I keep a 2 month white board calendar in my office, and I updated it today.  It now goes to OCTOBER.  That is just wrong.

So anyway, that’s what I am thinking about. Here is what I am doing.  Writing my blog.

Oh, OK, here’s what I did.  🙂

This weekend was a nice one, although, as usual, too short.  However, given what a hideous week last week was at work – way too emotional – the down time was exactly what was needed.  I actually went to work for a bit, but then headed over to Down East AIDS Network for some more training so that someday they will trust me alone in the office. I think I am getting comfortable with their walk-in programs, and I got to spend some serious time cleaning a database.  I know that liking to do that type of thing makes some people think I am strange, but they are wrong.  I like it that it takes a little bit of deductive reasoning, some real skill with a mouse and google, and not much other brain power. It’s relaxing.  I followed this scintillating work up with a trip to the grocery store, then home to… you must know… if you have been reading anything I posted ever… you know that I…

Went in the pool!!!! Oh, how I love my little, shallow piece of paradise.  I skimmed the bugs and leaves, swam a bit and then – heaven – lay on my float, sipping iced tea and reading my book until I FELL ASLEEP and eventually woke up because I was COLD.  It was heavenly.  Simple pleasures, I know.

Saturday, A and I took our bikes over to the Down East Sunrise trail, and rode for a couple of miles, but it was hot and buggy, so we left, and went to the farmers market instead.  Iw as looking for blackberries – next week, they say, so I got a whoopie pie and some garlic to tide me over.  We stopped at the hardware store on the way home to get a few odds and ends that can only be found at the Bucksport true Value – they truly have everything except food.  Ran into one of my very favorite ex-bosses, and so hung out in the parking lot chatting for a bit.  Then home to vacuum the pool before floating.  No sleeping this time – chores to do, Olympics to watch.

A did some household chores and played with the kittens (she thinks I am fooled that this is a chore) while I worked away in the craft room (and I think I have her fooled that this is work.)  I am slowly but steadily plugging away at the roman shades for that room – got all the tapes sewn on – now have to hand sew the rings.  Then, I think I do a little hemming and we are ready for tools.

Two sisters-in-law came over Saturday late in the afternoon, and we saw L’s photos from her trip to S Korea and the Philipines.  It looked beautiful and interesting, but she kept telling us what she ate (things like squid, gag me!) and so I think I will stick with looking at photos rather than going there.  Unless they have PB and J to get me through it.

Sunday A made tons of strawberry jam and jelly with all the berries we had frozen a few weeks ago, while I did my usual chores of pool skimming and crafting.  Honestly, though, I did go to the dump and back to the hardware store for more jelly jars… then we watched Olympics until bedtime.

Like I said – low-key, too short, and just exactly what I needed to face this week on an even keel. Gotta love the weekend.


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