One more

oh yeah.  And what is this about “This weather is brought to you by Stanley Subaru”?

Of course it isn’t.  If this were true, then I would expect better weather.

It is the weather FORECAST that is brought to us by Stanley Subaru,  duh.

3 thoughts on “One more”

  1. Sorry we don’t have anything to do with the WABI voice over and understand your grammar gripe, here at Stanley Subaru we like to think something with All Wheel Drive can handle any kind of weather, so maybe we can bring some snow tomorrow…:-) Have a good day and thanks for the heads up…I will see what I can do to fix the error. –Jeanne at Stanley Subaru

    1. Jeanne – I am glad to hear that Stanley knows good grammar when it sees it… but sorry that the writers at WABi do not. I wish you COULD control the weather – while I don’t want snow, I would LOVE some Camelot weather right about now. Snow, you can send in a few months. 🙂

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