Saturday in the park

or, in this case, it was Friday at the park, and it is Saturday at home, and maybe later at the Bucksport Bay festival.

Yesterday was our staff picnic, and I have to say it was one of the best we have had in many years, if ever.  The committee which organized it did a good job involving everyone, and having non-mandatory activities.  The weather wasn’t terrific, it rained early, so was muggy, and hot when the sun came out. But everyone seemed to be in a good mood and it was fun. The food was good, and no one did anything too foolish. And we got done early.  🙂

Today we are sort of puttering and slow, doing odds and ends.  One of the odds and ends I did was block to the lace shawl – now I can see how it really looks, and I have to say, I think it came out really well! I did take photos of it pinned,and I will take photos of it when it is dry and COMPLETE, and hopefully, I will remember to share them here!  Next project to finish is the roman shades for the craft room,  and it will be good to get them done, because it gets hot up there now in the afternoon.

But before that, we go to the festival, and see what crafts are out there, and maybe go on a boat or two. And eat fair food, of course!!!!!

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