Today I finished all the painting in the office that I can do.  I must say, that while it isn’t perfect, it does look FABULOUS!  I didn’t take photos yet, as the furniture and boxes of books are still piled up and the room isn’t pretty, but I will when it is done!  The only piece left to do is the skylight, which I have recruited nephew S to do sometime this summer.  He’s 6’5 with the appropriate wingspan, I think he will be able to do it from the floor, and I can’t reach it at all!

Anyway, I am thrilled to have that chore done, and one more room painted.  Someday, the whole house will be done.  Won’t that be something to celebrate? And I don’t want to hear that at this rate, we will need to start back at the beginning by then.  🙂

This morning A and I went down to the barber shop for haircuts.  She had to head to Bangor for a car appointment afterward, so we took my bike with us and I rode home.  I was amazed by the traffic on Rte 1.  Even though I had a good shoulder for the mile or so, it was not fun.  I won’t do it again, but I did get my morning exercise in.  And I got to coast down a huge hill that I didn’t have to ride up first!

Other than that and painting, I haven’t done much else today – except, of course, scoop the pool and float in it for a while after painting. Which was very nice.  The water is cool and refreshing – the cold nights have done a great job of keeping it from getting too warm. It is wonderfully refreshing. Well worth all the trouble I went to this summer. 

While I was painting, A was in the basement working on that bed that is taking forever!  She finished mking the boxes that will be the drawers.  She has to more boxes to make, and then we trim it and paint it and it is done!  That will be great, too.  More storage and one more piece of the interior decorating plan done…not too much longer now.

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