busy Friday

Today I actually caved in and went to work, even though it is Friday.  I try really hard not to do it, but sometimes a meeting I really have to be at really has to happen on a Friday.  Today was one of those days – so I spent an hour with the folks at the Ramada Inn in Ellsworth, and two other folks from the Hancock County Business Conference planning committee.  This event is going to be really great, and we are working hard now to make sure of it. It’s in November, so if you have ever wanted to start a small business, or you have one and want to learn more about what is available to you – plan to be in Ellsworth at the beginning of November!  Check it out at www.hancockbiz.org.

Then I headed over to Down East Aids Network for some training.  I am on their board, and the ED mentioned that they could really use some volunteers in the office on Friday – so I went over for a couple of hours of training.  Pretty easy duty, compared to going to work for the day.  I could learn to like this volunteering thing.  🙂

After that, I came home, where the kittens told me they wanted to go down cellar.  A has set up an obstacle course for them.  While they ran it, I worked on a craft project I  have been planning since vacation – the canvases with the floor grate stencil.  I hope they turn out like I imagine them, because if they do, it will be really cool!  Today I painted the 4 canvases with New York State of Mind (Pottery Barn color, basically a dark blue), and when they are dry, I will use the floor grate and spray paint them white.  If this works, I should have a blue grate design on the canvases. I’ll hang them in the guest room, which SOMEDAY will have an accent wall in the same color blue. And maybe I will remember to take  a photo of it…



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