Is it me, or are weeks getting longer?

It seems like the weekends fly by, and then the week drags, even though I have so much to do.  Sometimes I think my heart is not in the work, and I need to fix that. Not sure how, exactly… but I know it is  not by grousing!

I think I need to figure out a way to get paid for the stuff I do on the weekends… hmm, how?  Etsy shop?  Ravelry shop?  I never feel that my knitting patterns are unique enough to sell.. but then how many hat patterns are there, really?  Cast on a bunch of stitches, do something unique with them for 8-10 inches, decrease and bind off.  I need to just make sure the unique something really is that… then sell it, right? I don’t think I could knit enough to make a living selling actual knitted items, but I could design patterns and sell those, I bet.  Don’t have to sell them for a lot if I can sell them over and over….. maybe this is it? Certainly I don’t want to try to knit things and then sell them… how would I know what size to make that color?  I would always get it wrong… I suppose I could make things to order, but that feels like I might not like it – knitting the same things over and over…

Certainly I don’t think I could get what I would need to on my cards … I see what folks are getting on Etsy and it is criminal for wonderful handmade cards, when mass-produced cost so much.  Plus I don’t think I could make them over and over and over.  Christmas nearly kills me, and I rarely make them all exactly the same!  So I guess what I mean is that production work might not be for me.  🙂 And there is no money in making one of a thing – for crying out loud, the R and D time for each card could be two hours!  Anyone want to buy a one of a kind birthday card for $50 bucks?

Argh.  So I sit here, and I make cards for my family, and I knit millions of hats from my yarn stash to give away, and I even buy new yarn to make hats and scarves for the family, and then the weekend is over, and here I am again. 

Time for some goals.

#1 write down a hat pattern as if I didn’t know how to make it.

#2 research to see if it is, in fact something not yet published.

#3 explore pattern sales venues.

#4 don’t be afraid to ask for help.

HELP!  If you know anything about any of these things, please give your sage advice, share your wisdom!

Don’t worry, I am not yet quitting the day job.  Most days I really do like it. I just need to learn to love it again.

 PS  Hey – did I just finally make my New Year’s resolutions?????


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