the muggies are back…

The aunt of a friend of mine wrote on the friend’s Facebook page “Al Gore warned us!”  yes he did, and I wonder why we don’t listen???

Anyway, I think the best way to beat the heat is to go swimming! I even got A to go to Craig Pond with me last evening , I went swimming, she went wading.  Then we went out for ice cream and down to the Bucksport river front.  I was hoping we could hear some of the music from the Scottish Tattoo at Fort Knox.  We could see some people, but not hear a thing. I thought those bagpipes were supposed to be heard from afar to instill fear in the opposing army?  The army would have to be pretty close I guess.  I was bummed about it.  Someday I will remember that darned thing on the right day at the right time and actually go to it.

Anyway… because of the muggy weather, I didn’t do much of my planned chores –  I did the laundry and the grocery shopping.  And at the grocery store, I found a cool 1000 piece puzzle of Yankee magazine covers.  I came home and did nearly the whole thing yesterday, it was too hot to move.  The kittens helped a little, but mostly they slept sprawled out on a cool sheet.

Friday was knitting day in Portland – A dropped me at Mom’s on her way to work, and then the two of us drove down together.  E had had her swimming lesson, and was eating her lunch before art camp.  C is keeping her very busy this summer – and I could see why – she was well-behaved and pretty focused.  A few funny things – Mom asked her what she did in swimming that morning.  E responded by opening her mouth and pointing to a chewed up peanut butter sandwich contained therein.  Apparently she i s too polite to talk with her mouthful!  Later she was telling me exactly how she would like her hat to be, and I said “I hope I remember all of that when it is time to knit you a hat!”  to which she repled”You had better write it down, because you are a very old lady.”  C told us about one day when E asked “Mummy, why are your legs getting puffier and puffier?”  Good thing she is cute.  🙂

I finished the hat I made with the yarn from Heavenly Socks – I think it will be a christmas present for a big niece, not sure which one, but it is cute and young, and I think came out well – I made a tassel with I cord and beads instead of a pompom, so it is dramatic, too.  Did some knitting on the Estonian lace shawl – got the set up row done on the border, and am thrilled to find that every other row is a knit row!  Much easier than I expected!  After this come some lacy shawl things with yarn from Fiber Frolic and free patterns from Ravelry.

After knitting, I went for a swim in Mom’s pool – so nice!  A came by after work, and we all had supper together before heading home.  It was a good day.

Today I have to paint… A got me another gallon of the paint we are using for her office, and so I have no more excuses… I went for a bike ride early today, but it is still too hot, so I am cooling down now, just waiting to go upstairs where I know the air will be fresh and cool, I am sure.  🙂

Status update on our pool – Mom and B came over on Sunday, and we got it all set up!  Now I am filling it slowly.  I think I have a very small leak somewhere – when I get it full enough that it is upright, I will see if I can locate that.  It is slow enough that I can keep up with the loss, I think. A little rain would help with that endeavor, though.  Should this mugginess ever amount to a shower or thunderstorm, that is.

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