Friday and I just found my to do list!

What a riot!  Last week I jotted down a  few things I wanted to be sure to include in my chore packed vacation. The week is almost gone, I found the list – here it is:

  • Paint office
  • visit Eggemoggin studio
  • Visit Nervous Nellie’s
  • Stonington Farmers market
  • Blue Hill Farmers market
  • DEAN supper
  • Visit with S and L and B
  • Corea

Here’s what I have done:

  • some office painting
  • digging in yard
  • Belfast Farmers Market
  • DEAN supper
  • knitting
  • playing with kittens
  • swimming (once so far)
  • errands
  • laundry
  • visit with S and L

I suppose it is not too late to do some of this, but I missed the Stonington Farmers market this morning.  To be sure, that was a tactical decision to go to Belfast instead – it’s closer, and I have never been to that market.  But I do love the Stonington Market, and will have to make a point to get there some Friday.

Corea.  I wonder what I was going to do there?  It is so beautiful, I guess that was a picnic day.  Maybe I can convince A that we should do that tomorrow??? With a swing down to Blue Hill for that farmers market?  I bet we stay home and dig and paint…

Here it is noon, and I have already been to Belfast, bought (and eaten) some really good cookies from Sweet Henry’s – Anne is a good baker!!!! I also made a slight detour into Heavenly Socks and found some good yarn for a hat, and got some tips on free knitting patterns.  The clerk showed me a few great ways to use up lots of beads and not much yarn – look out nieces – I think there might be knitted and crocheted beads in your future! And I found a store that I have never been into before – Yo Momma’s Home which has exactly the kind of rugs I have been searching for, now to convince A we need to spend money on rugs… it will be a hard sell.

Time to go out and dig some more.  I am feeling like it is actually possible to accomplish my goal of getting that pool up this week…



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