All about animals

Two weeks ago today I had to put dear Frankie to sleep. She was old, almost 18. And she had been dealing bravely with her thyroid disease for a few years. Recently we got that under control with a new prescription food, but the last few days she clearly wasn’t feeling well. She was drinking OK but not eating at all, losing weight fast. I took her into the vet, where I learned she most likely had kidney failure. No long-term treatments available. She made it clear that she was ready – she has never been so placid at the vet. He gave her the shot and ten minutes later, she was gone.

The house has felt very empty and lonely these last few weeks. And now we know for sure that the mice are living in the cellar, because those strange noises can’t be the cat. Or at least, I don’t think they can be!

A and I talked long and hard about next steps – we have long known we would get two kittens when Frankie was gone, but we had not figured out how long it would be before we made that decision. Well, it only took a week for us to know we needed to do something. So last Saturday we went to the Bangor Humane Society and chose two little sister kittens. One is mostly black, with some white on her feet and belly. the other is a black and orange tortie. They played with us and let us pick them up – the tortie even purred for me! They have to get spayed, then we can take them home. That was supposed to happen today so we could get them tomorrow, but it has been pushed back a day – not sure why, but I guess they are ok. There is a third sister that might get to come to us if no one else wants her by the time she is ready, we will wait and see. I really can’t wait to get them here – I have taken down all the curtains and fixed up the nursery for them (others refer to it as the guest bathroom!) and I am ready! Especially after this week, since A is away the house feels very lonely and echo-y. Especially with all the curtains down!

The other animal story for this week is about the one I saw on the way home tonight – a moose! It ran across Rte 1 in front of me. I have never seen one around here before – in fact the only other times I have ever seen them is up on Rte 9, a few years ago. I really never expected to see one around here. This was pretty startling, it took me a minute to realize just what I was seeing, then to stop and make sure it wanted to stay on that side of the road, and that it was traveling alone. It seems it did and it was, so I came home with no further excitement. Moose really are huge – especially up close and personal like on the road. Taller than my car, that is for sure. And dark. They suck up all the light. Very strange.

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