November? Seriously, I thought I posted more recently than that

But I guess I didn’t. WordPress wouldn’t lie to me.

A is doing so well – we went to the Dr on the 23rd, she got permission to start easing off her crutches, and then the boot… she took that to mean she could go without both as long as it doesn’t hurt. She has been doing OK with that, but does keep her promise to me to wear the boot and use the crutches when outside.

Christmas was very low-key but nice – we spent it with Mom and Bill, and brother C and D were there as well. We opened presents, played Yahtzee, ate a delicious meal fixed by Bill – Christmas roast is the best! Drove home in the “dusting to an inch” that was really like 4 inches… what is it with snow this year? They never seem to get the forecast quite right – we got all the snow Christmas Day and nothing over night, exact opposite of the forecast. But it was pretty.

Christmas presents this year felt a little strange – couldn’t really do any shopping, and A and I decided in light of the fact that she could not get out, we would not exchange presents – the TV would be our present to each other. Still haven’t finished the shopping for the rest of my family, we gather on 1/15 with all siblings…and a bunch of nieces and the nephew – need to get off the couch and shop! But I couldn’t make as many presents as I normally would.

It seems that working and being the only two-legged person in the house takes more time than it should. 🙂 So I may give a whole lot of promises of home-made things. No telling!

The family carol sing happened in December – it was a fun day – A insisted on staying home so I could enjoy myself and not worry about her. I told her she would be missed (and she was) but she thought I needed a break, which I guess I did. Anyway, Uncle T was sick, so no CT family, and G and L had a scheduling conflict, so only half the MA cousins came – it was a much less crowded music room! The food and company were good, and the music was fun as always.

Other than that, I have just been working, working, working. The work I get paid for has been pretty stressful lately, not sure why, but it definitely feels like a roller coaster ride! I am glad to get the promotion to Director, but wish that things over all were more stable. It seems that no funding source is safe and secure (even grants awarded last year!) so I feel like I am always scrambling. I bet I am not alone in that feeling. These two long weekends feel pretty good, I have to say. Time to relax. And catch up on my posts!


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