Columbus Day bike ride

Such a beautiful day, we went with sister-in-law L for a LONG bike ride – longest I have been on probably 30 years or more. We drove to Ellsworth and got on the Down East Sunrise Trail at mile marker 2. We rolled along, stopping at all bridges and scenic spots until we got to the Franklin Trading Post – about mile 11. We had lunch and a long break, then turned around and headed back to the car. By the time we got back, we were saddle weary,but feeling good that we were able to do that long ride and still walk. Well, sort of shuffle. 🙂

The trail is really nice for riding – well-built, smooth, lots of beautiful views, it is peaceful and quiet. The 4 wheelers we saw were very respectful of us and didn’t scare us by racing by or anything.

The Franklin Trading Post has a nice little restaurant that had really good, generous portions, and a cheerful cook/waitress. It was the perfect place to mark the half way point of the ride. And they have indoor bathrooms and sell ice cream! Who could ask for more?

Now I have to go choose what I want on my pizza because no one is cooking in this house tonight. 🙂

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