what I’m up to today…

beside posting photos that is….
Well, I am on vacation this week, sort of. Had a meeting today, and have done a lot of emailing, but basically I am on vacation. It is one of my favorite kinds of vacations – doing puttering around the place. Not working hard, yet things get done. Yesterday I washed the bedroom and bathroom windows. It is so nice to get the summer’s grime off of them so I can see the woods again. Today I think all I did was laundry… and catch up on the blogs I read. My favorite? Eldest niece C’s, of course. She keeps me up to date on what’s in vogue on all fronts. And I learn things about her that I never knew. It’s fun. That girl can write.

It is chilly here tonight – we left all the windows open last night, and the house never got warm today, although it was beautiful out. So I closed it all up tonight and have a fire going. It is nice. I have been knitting a little something for brother N’s birthday – the giant pile of November birthdays is bearing down on me! Anyway, like the Christmas cards, I can’t share it with you yet, but I will as soon as he opens the package… anyway, is there anything cozier than sitting in front of a fire knitting, with a cat curled up beside me? I doubt it. I just wish A was home to enjoy it, but she is on the road tonight.

Friday is knitting day at Mom’s. Sister C and niece E and I are heading over. But somehow, we are going sailing first. Not sure how knitting day became lunch-and-a-sail day, but honestly, I am NOT complaining. I can knit any time, and the sailing days grow shorter…

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