What a perfect day!!!!

First off – it’s Friday – the best day of the week. I have lots of chores to do as usual, but I really don’t seem to mind them on a day when the breezes are blowing, the sun is shining, it is NOT HOT. Perfect early autumn day. My geraniums are blooming like mad, not sure what they were waiting for, but the deck looks gorgeous. I hope I get to sit out there and enjoy it at some point today.

Last night was book group – we read Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. Such a good book, but so disturbing, in so many ways. How do cultures evolve to have such oppression? Why does it take so long to change it? Next time it is Mayflower, by Nathaniel Philbrick. I started it earlier this summer and am slowly enjoying it. It is dense with information, so takes me time to absorb and process. One mystery has been solved, although the book doesn’t go into the issue at all – Priscilla Alden chose wisely when she chose John over Miles Standish. 🙂 Miles seems like a difficult man. Anyway, the conversation, as always strayed far from the book, but we had a good time. Tomorrow we are meeting and going to Brooksville to visit the Nearings home, and Eliot Coleman’s farm – we’ve been wanting to take that road trip for a few months, since reading Melissa Coleman’s book, and finally the day is here. The day promises to be as beautiful as today, so it should be fun.

Knitting is coming along – have finished the body of the sweater, and am working on the ribbing, which I hate. Not sure why but that whole knit purl thing drives me crazy. I did ge the buttons for it this week – nothing to fancy, the ones I really liked would have been over $30 dollars. Seemed foolish, so I went with some pretty but less expensive (MUCH!) ones. Honestly, this sweater should be done soon, and I SWEAR I will post photos of it. And I will feel sorry for you that you can’t touch it, since it is just so soft.

A friend who recently lost her mother gave me a whole bag of old sewing patterns – from the 40’s on, I would guess – that she found when cleaning out her Mom’s house. I had asked her for them so I could scan the envelopes for crafting, but she doesn’t want them back. So maybe I will make some cool retro outfits someday. What is truly too funny is the fact that there is a pattern for really elaborate Barbie doll (or rather, 12 inch fashion doll)clothes. I can’t imagine how fussy they would be to make! And I doubt I will be finding out anytime soon! But I will scan the envelopes and use them for cards – and the first one will be for her. MAYBE I will post a photo of it.

Haven’t been in the pool lately – the one really hot day this week, I was in Bangor and didn’t get home until after dark. But I am holding off on emptying it, hoping for a few more good swimming days. I don’t think today will be one, because of the cool feel to the breeze. In fact, the market umbrella just blew over! It MIGHT be time to bring that in, I guess. I love the fall, but sure do hate what it precedes. Or rather, how long it will be until it is warm again.

So. I should get on with my chores, one of which is cleaning out the pellet stovepipe. Winter waits for no one.

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