Now that was HOT

Yesterday was the kind of summer day I don’t normally appreciate. Too hot. Too humid. The Maine AC (ie fresh cool breeze off the water) was not working. Ugh.

But yesterday I went on a road trip down to York Beach. Never been there before, it’s a pretty busy place! Visited with an old friend for a few hours, and that was very special to see her and her family. Swam in the ocean for longer than I ever have in Maine – the water was chilly enough that we took our time getting in, but it was fabulous, given the temperature out of the water! Felt good to be in salt water again, after pools and lakes for the last few years. It has to be really hot for me to go into the Atlantic Ocean these days. Is it because I am old and getting wimpy? Lordy, I hope not! It’s definitely partly because A doesn’t like swimming, and she sure doesn’t ike swimming in salt water. If I can get her into a lake once a year, it is amazing. I bet if I had been home, yesterday would have been that day. But I wasn’t so she stayed home and catered to the cat and cleaned the house. Can you believe THAT? Vacuuming and mopping would NOT have happened if I was left home alone yesterday.

Anyway, it was a long hot day, and a short not very cool night, and here it is Monday morning again. What’s the great thing about Monday?

Why, it’s that I get to go to work on another sticky hot humid day and sit in blessed real AC, where the temp stays relatively cool (if we shut the blinds when the sun comes around) and it is definitely dry.

I do love summer… except when it is too HOT. I am so lucky to live here where we maybe get three or four days like this all summer. I know that before too long, this will break and we will need those blankets at night again. Like we did last week. 🙂


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