sunshine! good day

Last day of vacation had the best weather of all, yea! And it was a good day – started with breakfast out – always a good start. Went to the “funny place” with its new owners, the food was very good, the service pretty spotty. We’ll try it again sometime, see if it gets better.

On the way home, A dropped me off at EBS.  I walked home while she chose some nice straight 2×4’s. We can carry a lot in our little cars, but all the passenger seats need to be folded down. Lucky it was a nice day, huh? Then she played in her workshop and I played in the yard for a few hours.  Not sure why I decided the pool needs to be moved, but I started the process of digging out the rocks and weeds for that.  Oh, and moved the remnants of the wood pile, and half the rock pile. So now, gosh darn it, the pool WILL be moved.  🙂

I also took a risk and planted the poppy seeds.  The package says after all danger of frost… but Martha Stewart says you can scatter the seeds on the snow if you want, in early spring.  So I figure I am good.  We will see. I planted a nice mix on top of the septic tank, and along the back bank.  I hope I will see glorious flowers there later this summer. 

I checked out the volunteer lupine along the driveway – there are a lot!  Most of them are second year plants, so should bloom this year.  There aren’t as many as there were last fall, but still, I am pleased to see that some survived.  There is hope for my plan to have the whole edge of the drive drenched in them someday.

I was not so pleased to find blackflies and other flying insects!  They had better hurry up and live their little life cycle and go away.

After lunch, A’s sister L came over, and we went down to Blue Hill, for a walk at the Carter preserve.  It was a glorious afternoon for wandering along the shore – bright sun, calm blue water, low tide, so lots of tidal pools and shells and rocks to check out.

Stopped for supper at Crosby’s, and finished off a good day with a good supper – and no cooking all day – wow, what a finish to a vacation!


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