Another week has flown by!

It was a busy one – but now I am on vacation – ahhh!  Today is A’s birthday, so we had Easter/birthday celebration with her family.  That meant yesterday was spent scrubbing the house from top to bottom – boy did it need it.  Now we are relaxing post party, enjoying our clean house. There is nothing like it.

She got some fun stuff – a giant magnet on a stick – which at first I wondered what on earth for.  Then we figured out – to clean up the construction debris around the yard, of which there is still plenty!  And there are all those earrings I lost this winter while shoveling. Maybe we can find some of those.  That would be very nice.

She also got a whole array of Kreg system screws, so I think we will see some serious building going on.  And lots of assorted fun gifts from everyone, as well as lots of jelly making equipment from me – so we will be in jelly/jam producing mode as soon as some berries start growing!  Hey, does anyone reading this know anything about cultivating wild raspberries?  We have them volunteering all over the place, but get only tiny little berries, and very few of them.  I know if I cover them I can save them from the birds, but how do I get them to want to produce more, slightly larger berries?  And how on earth do I get under them to clear out the other stuff around them?

Which all makes me think about the garden, and wish for a spring like we had last year, when I already had my peas in.  Now I have leggy tomato plants in the guest room and lots of seeds begging me to put them in the ground. I am thinking I will be lucky to get them in by Memorial Day….

I’m looking forward the rest of the week.  Plan to go thrift store shopping with a friend on Tuesday, and wedding dress shopping in Portland with Mom and C on Friday, then a mad dash to CT to see niece B in her high school production of Les Miz – 2 solos! – and home again by noon on Saturday.

Somewhere in there is cleaning the craft room and getting it more organized, which usually means I get engrossed in a new project!  I ran really late on Easter cards, but managed to get the last ones mailed at 3:59 on Friday… still have to make brother C’s card to mail this week, and then think about Mother’s Day… and niece C’s birthday coming right up, along with my fellow 6-9ers, and the rogue 6-10er.  Endless excuses to play with paper and glitter!

Whole ‘nother topic – last week marked the one year anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery, which meant a visit to the surgeon.  I have lost 122 pounds, officially, and don’t have to go back for another 6 months.  It is amazing to me all that has changed with that surgery.  I can RUN downstairs now.  Going up still walking, knees still have arthritis, after all, but moving is so much easier and more comfortable.  I can try on clothes that are a real size, and they actually fit. I am more fit than I have been in at least 30 years, maybe ever.  It is all still amazing to me. What is amazing to A is that my internal thermostat has been totally reset, and instead of being hot all the time, I am often chilly.  So we kept the house a whole lot warmer this winter, and she is in heaven.  So are the pellet makers.  🙂 I exercise regularly, and it has made all the difference in building my energy level.  Since January, I have gained muscle weight, and lost fat – according to the magic doctor’s scale.  That is very cool to me, as I have lots of flabby skin.  Good for me to know there is muscle under there, because I look sort of like a balloon that was over inflated, and then had most of the air let out. But it is better than being fat.


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