unexpectedly quiet day

Funny how things work out… A and I had planned a quiet day at home, working on our projects.  We knew it would be stormy, so we planned inside chores.  I was planning to finish up my Easter card prototype, and make a thank you card for work.  And A was planning on starting to build our bed. 

The best laid plans and all that.  A little before 9 we were up in the craft room, A eating breakfast, me working on the thank you card, when the power went out.  Argh!  Of course, I was planning all sorts of fabulous paper cutouts for the card, using the Cricut machine. And I wanted to do some heat embossing on the Easter card.  And, frankly, I wanted to be warm and see what I was doing.  So… not much crafting going on today! And A of course needed the power tools. Not much building going on today. No watching a movie on a  stormy day. No doing the laundry or the dishes or pretty much anything we would normally do on a day at home.

Instead, A moved ALL the boxes of books from the loft, and found a few that weren’t actually books.  So we unpacked those, and found treasures I had forgotten we had.  Which might mean we don’t need them, I know.  Got rid of a lot of them, but kept some as well.  And we planned out the bookcases for the loft, which we will build next time we have a quiet day at home.  With power.


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