only half a day on the couch – progress!   5 comments

I felt pretty good this morning, and had some work that HAD to get done. So off I went to work. About half way there, I was ready for my morning nap. But I slogged through, got things done, and left around 2. Realized I never had lunch or took more meds… that might be why I felt so awful. :-)

Anyway, once home, snuggled back under the big blue striped blanket and snoozed, and did my KAL knitting – finished the third pair of socks. I’ll take photos in the next few days, when the light is good (May? June?).

I’ll cast on the next pair before I head off to bed so I have them ready to take to work with me tomorrow. Yes, I will try again. I think if I pay more attention to such things as lunch and meds, I will make it just fine.

Did a lot of work yesterday on the vest – am almost finished with the armhole decreases, then it should go REALLY fast. Until it is time to put in the zipper. Then I predict a crashing halt. :-)

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5 responses to “only half a day on the couch – progress!

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  1. Yes, food and medications just might help!!

  2. Hope things are better with the extra support!

  3. Glad you’re feeling better. I did a vest with a zipper. I thought the zipper part would be a nightmare, and did the required agonizing over the project before attempting. I used two book resources: The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques by Wiseman and The Big Book of Knitting by Buss. There are probably lots of youtube resources too. The zipper ended up being perfectly placed, I even knit facings to finish off the reverse sides of the darn thing. Two weeks latter, ripped it out, because I hated zipping the thing up, I wanted it to hang loose. So much for zippers.

    • lol thanks for the resources and story. :-) I saw an article – I think in Interweave Knit – about using a rug hooking tool to put it in. I’ll do some research before I start. I did look at this and think “hmmm, frog closures” but as I have the zipper, I will try that first.

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