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Some of you think that my lists are exhausting, or that I am superwoman or something. They might be; I am not. But most Fridays I am motivated to get things done while I am home alone so that the weekend is more free. This should come as warning to you about what you are about to read. I bet before you get to the end, you will know what the last item is… :-)

-Strip and remake bed
-Clean our bedroom and bathroom
-Fresh towels out
-Make A’s birthday card, wrap present
-Get haircut
-Bookstore for book club book (no more procrastinating!)
-Porch cushions up from basement
-Clean off coffee table
-Bring up a couple of bags of pellets from basement
-Clean out car
-Load car
-Knit while I wait for A to get home from work
-Welcome sister-in-law L a/k/a house/cat sitter

After a week of general stress and overload at work trying to cram everything in and wrap up taxes, it will feel darned good to go on vacation. This is the first time in many, many years we have gone away for more than a weekend.





(And yes, I have a pair of socks on the needles and three skeins of sock yarn with me. We will have a total of 40 hours in the car over the next 8 days, I may need to buy some special travel yarn along the way, right? :-) )

Check out my Ravelry page for info on most recent socks. I’ll post photos eventually, but it might not be until I return.

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It was so nice to have one of my “normal” three-day weekends!

I did MOST of my Friday list, and still found time to relax and do some knitting. Handmade Easter cards did not happen, though.

Saturday was a simply gorgeous day! Did a few chores in the morning, then drove over to see CrimsonCrow and help her with her taxes, before heading to Bangor to Husson U to pick up niece B. We got home in time to get her laundry started and make homemade pizza for supper.

We played a couple of games and did lots of talking, played with beads (I made another pair of earrings) and I went off to bed around 11, very much later than normal. Much earlier than normal for her, I know.

Sunday A and I got up early, A made a lasagna for our trip to Mom’s. We all left here in time to get there for lunch, which was a big pre-Easter potluck. All my sibs and in-laws were there, and three nieces. It was so nice to have almost everyone there, although it would have been nicer if the other three next gens could have been there. There was underlying sadness because Mom had to put her old dog down on Saturday, our sweet Sammy. Little niece E wore her black dog t-shirt so we would have Sam with us in spirit. He had been sick for a while, and at 15, it just didn’t seem like it was fair to take dramatic efforts and treatments to get him through this episode. they could not promise he would stay better, or be able to do the things he loved. he will be missed.

E story of the day – apparently a child in class told her there is no Easter bunny, tooth fairy, Santa Claus, etc. So her cousins were asking her about it, and she said “Your Mom or Dad puts on a pink bunny suit with big ears and hides the eggs” my sister and I in the kitchen were hysterical, picturing that, the tooth fairy and Santa costumes they would now need. The downside is that E now thinks everything they tell her is a lie. I know she will adjust, but I still remember finding out about Santa Claus. It was very tough.

Leaving on a positive spring note – Mom had flowers on her table FROM HER YARD! Snowdrops and Chionodoxa, with a mini daffodil from in the house. Very pretty and a sure sign that spring will get here eventually.

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unfinished porch
open soffits
returning phoebes
three cats
happy ending

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AT LAST! Friday taxes are done!   8 comments

While I still have Monday taxes, last week was the last Friday of tax season. Yippee!

So what to do?

Well, first off, a bit of work with a coworker who has a report due Tuesday.

Then, let the curtain installers in – we got a fancy shade for the guest bathroom, now that the screened porch sits right near the window. I didn’t want to have the shade drawn all the time, so we got one that you can open from the top and bottom. Luxury. They come to install it Friday morning.

Following that, in no particular order –

-Easter cards (if any are to happen, they need to happen before Sunday… so they might not)
-begin packing for our big vacation!!! (That mostly means choosing which sock yarn to bring in the car and which to bring in the trunk in the suitcase. )
-clean the guest room and make up the bed for my niece B who comes to visit Saturday night. :-)
-If the weather is good for photos, I want to take some well-lit shots of all the knitted jewelry I have been working on, so you can see it in its beaded splendor. If the weather isn’t good, then I should really sew the clasps on, and do some blocking. Oh, I hope it is a sunny day.

I will probably add a few more things as the day goes on, and I will be sure to post at the end of the weekend to let you know how I did with this list!

PS My fabulous UCONN basketball teams won both tournaments, and so I won another $50 for the yarn stash from my dear sweet wife. I feel some nice southern yarn shopping is in my future.

First robins of spring   8 comments

first robin

They are out there, trust me.
Tigger and Zumba don’t miss a thing.

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just a little photo of what I won on basketball tourneys… so far!   2 comments

three socks

three socks with flash

A and I picked our brackets before the tourney started, one for men’s, one for women’s. $25 each. Although the tourneys aren’t quite over, I am so far ahead that she can’t catch me. :-) I took my winnings to the yarn store yesterday and got some more sock yarn. Of course!

Colors are hard to capture with and without flash. The red is a bright cheery color, a hint of pink to it. The blues are pretty accurate in the flash photo. The rainbow one is nice and bright, but neither photo really captures it.

Now, back to knitting my soft blue tide pool socks, so I can move onto some brights. I am on the second sock, started this morning, so I should get it done this week. Even though I seem to be in a mood for brights right now, I do love my tide pool socks.

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But who’s counting?

Three years ago, I started this blog with no real idea if there was an audience for it, or what my focus would be. But I knew I wanted to reach out to a larger world than my geographically reachable one. And so here I am, with almost 200 followers, me following almost that many blogs, and learning so much that is inspirational in crafting, and life, and feeling like I am making real (not virtual) friends.

Thank you all so much! I am having fun, and hope you are, too!

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