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It’s a good one!

Mom and I and Cousin P are off to the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association’s (MOFGA) annual Common Ground Fair – which I LOVE.  There is just so much that is good about the fair – food that originates in Maine, fiber that originates in Maine, crafts and all sorts of products that are from Maine resources.  Great back to the land type resources and information.

No rides, no flashing lights.  Loads of animals, and contra dancing and fabulous real music.

And did I mention yarn?

Oh my.

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is it so wrong   17 comments

to just want to stay home and knit?

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Thursday’s vote   6 comments

Just putting it out there that I am thinking about the ramification of tomorrow’s big vote in Scotland, and have all the folks who will feel its impact in my thoughts.

However it turns out, I am sure it will be for the best, in the end.

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Oooooweeeee!!!!!   6 comments

You may recall a couple of years ago, a coworker asked me to make her a sweater.  I gave her the yarn specifics, and she bought it.  Luckily, she understands about good yarn and icky yarn.  What she got was pretty good, and at the top of her budget.  I worked hard on that sweater, and she said she loved it but I never was sure as it isn’t a style she would wear to work.

Then I made her a hat and I never see it, but I know hats mess her hair. I knew she liked the hat, but I never knew if she really used it.

Turns out she does.  Just not to work.

Today she watched me knitting my socks in a meeting and asked me if I would make some for her? Same deal as before – she will pay for yarn.  I said absolutely yes, but warned her that the sock yarn I choose is expensive.  She said that is OK.

So I am off to search around the web to see what pretty yarn I can find that I will like working with that she can afford.  Then, once I get approval, I will order it and get her socks in my rotation.  The really good news? She wears shoes a couple sizes smaller than me, and has tiny little ankles.

I am so excited that she likes my things enough to ask for them!  This is a woman who dresses like a million bucks on thrift store finds. She knows quality when she sees it, and she appreciates good work. And she wants me to keep on knitting for her!


PS I wrote this Thursday but for some reason, it did not publish… still excited by it, so here you go!

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Saturday morning camera cleaning and list update   12 comments

I woke up early this morning so I could do a load of laundry so I could get dressed.  I have found the season for which I don’t have a lot of clothes – sum-tumn.  It starts cool, gets warm, gets cool again, What to wear?  I like cropped pants, a t shirt and light sweater or sweatshirt.  Turns out I haven;t got many pairs of cropped pants.  So, I have to wash the ones I wore yesterday before I can get dressed.  And so I have to sit in my nightie on the couch and cruise the internet while I wait for the dryer.  How very sad for all of us, huh?

I can’t go back to bed because there is a big spider there.  We tried to catch it when it made an appearance beside the bed but it got away.  Not sure I will be able to sleep there again.  That sucker was big and on my side. I REALLY hate spiders.

So, I cleaned off the camera, and amazingly, found a few things to share with you!

First off – a few more of the hats I made last week.  These need blocking to get the edges to lie flat, so here they are, drying in the sunshine in the craft room.  These are Alpine Toppers, using Lamb’s Pride Bulky.  On the light gray one with stripes, I modified the pattern by decreasing one stitch in the body so that the pattern flowed without a jog.  Truly, I wonder why the designer didn’t think of this – if you do it as designed (the black and white one is as designed) every 4 rows you have to of the color B (in the black and white hat, this would be white) next to each other, and it really shows.  If you decrease the number of stitches by one, this does not happen, the pattern just flows around that hat.  Much as I like this pattern, it tells me that the designer wasn’t really paying attention to the diagonal hat when she wrote this up. Her directions work very well for the traditional version (alternating rows of the highlight color, my medium gray and red version)

3 alpine toppers                   small alpine topper

Anyway, it is a fast knit, and very warm and cute.  I suspect I will make a few more of these in my life time.

While I was in the craft room, I thought I had better make those two cards I needed for today.  I wasn’t feeling HUGELY inspired, and I didn’t have a lot of time, so they are very simple ones.  One of them I forgot to take “during” photos, and the other I did, but really, how easy it is! It looks kind of lame to bother with anything but the finished product!.  I know you could have figured these out without seeing the parts.  :-)

quick card parts

Card stock is from a pad named Tradewinds, I can’t remember by whom, off the top of my head, but Die Cuts with a View would not surprise me.

another quick card

Card is my usual 5.5 by 4.25 card on white card stock.  I shaped two of the corners of the solid piece, stamped happy birthday in gold, swiped the edges with gold ink pad and stuck it in the middle of the roses piece, attached it all to the card.  Done.

one quick card

This card didn’t photograph as well, when I used the flash it got all crazy looking, without it, we have shadows – sorry!  It wasn’t much harder, actually, just involved cutting two pieces with my beloved Spellbinders dies, and spritzing the back of the blue one with gold shimmer spray, so that when I folded and tucked it, there would be some shading.  I hit the whole pink rectangle with the corner shaper punch, and then did the same things as on the previous card – stamped in gold, swiped the pad around the edges, stuck it all together.

Et voila – two cards in less than an hour.  Not my preferred way to do things, but it got the job done.

Now.  What else was on the camera?  Well, the stuff I picked up at Good will last week!  All of this for less than ten dollars!  I have been wanting one of these wire basket things for the porch – to hold silver ware or flowers or whatever – and was THRILLED to pick it up for like 3 dollars.  I was not looking for any of this other stuff – but I can never resist candle holders, adn these retro stars remind me of ones we had when I was a kid.  They have been tucked away with Christmas linens to surprise me in a few months.  the placemats will not remain orange, but at 74 cents each, who could resist?  I’ll be either painting or dying them some colors that better match things around here. The frosted candle holders might be altered and turned into Christmas presents.

So lots of potential DIY fun craft projects for me.  A just rolled her eyes.

Goodwill haul

That’s it for the camera!

On the Friday to do list, I made good progress on some things, not on others.  Went through another bin of magazines and clippings in the craft room, but only tossed a few things.  I sorted all the Vogue Knitting and Interweave knits by date, but did not otherwise edit them.  Not sure what to do about them.  I have them back into the early 90’s (what huge dropped shoulders we wore then!) and while I might never make the actual projects, they both do such a good job of teaching in the patterns and articles that I don;t feel like I can be selective in what to keep or toss with them.  So for the moment, I am keeping.  And clearly, as I do have them back to at least ’92, I have felt this way for a long time.  :-) If you ever need one as a reference, let me know, I am glad to share.

Started another hat (for sale) that isn’t colors I am in love with so I find it tedious.  But I know that some people like colors I don;t and I want to have a good range of products, so I am doing it.  Ugh. I need to find a craft fair catering to people who love blues and greens with dashes of reds and pinks and purples.  lol.

Socks are coming along – last night was game night, so I got a lot done.  I should finish sock 1 in the car today, and start the next.  I even did a bit of hitchhiker knitting, AND NO I DID NOT SIT AND KNIT ALL DAY, but what else is there to do while the plumber is crashing about?

Speaking of which – GRRRRRRRRRR.  He was about an hour late, and installed the toilet just fine, except there is a nick on the seat.  It seems minor, but we paid hundreds of dollars for the darned thing, and so I will call and ask for a replacement.  I hate having to do that kind of thing, it feels petty, but it isn’t, really.     Then he told me he was taking a lunch break and would come back afterwards.  tow hours later his office called to say he got called away for an emergency, and could he come back on the 23rd?  Sure, what the heck, we won’t be home, but we can let him in the cellar and he can do his thing. I was getting cranky about that until I remembered that when WE had plumbing emergencies, they always came right away and fixed it, so I guess someone else got bumped then. Still, it makes me happy that we set up things so that the cellar can be locked from the upstairs, and plumbers can come and go out the basement while we aren’t home.

Well, the laundry is done and I have to get going – I’ll catch up with you later!

PS played a GREAT game last night – TImeline!  Have to use your brain and random knowledge and logic and still have fun.

Friday listwith a plumber   7 comments

This list is going to be me brainstorming things that need doing that can be done while tied to home with no water.  The plumber is scheduled to come and upgrade the toilet in the guest bathroom to a taller version that uses less water and is more comfortable.  We always intended doing this, but the imminent visit from L for recovery moved us to step on it.  :-) While the plumber is here, he will service the rest of the system, flushing out sediment and making sure that heaters work properly.  I also hope to get him to adjust the mixing valve in the guest shower, I think we could stand the water to be a little more hot.

He is due at ten, and so I will NOT be doing my usual running around.  :-)

I hope to make some birthday cards, do some knitting, sew buttons on the hats I have finished and clasps on the necklaces.  I have more hats and things to knit, and am thinking about adding a few baby booties to the pile of inventory on my table. I know I should have things in all price ranges, but I have not been in a mood for booties lately.  I wonder if they count as socks for the KAL????

Even with no water, I can dig sand and work in the yard, so there can be some of that, but it has to be toward the end of his visit so I can wash up when I am done.

There should be more stitching as well, I haven’t done much on that since I missed the deadline.  I should set another one so I get motivated again.

OMG coffee!  I have to fill a jug or two with water before he gets here!

Glad I thought of that!

Tonight is game night at A’s office – not too long since the last one, but it is tough finding nights everyone can do it, so we grabbed at this one. Tomorrow we go for a visit with A’s remaining aunts – her mom was one of ten.  There are 4 siblings  left, one of whom is in a nursing home.  The family is cursed with dementia, sadly.  Aunt N is hosting, we hope she remembers.  :-) Aunt B will be 90 this year, she is pretty sharp!  And Uncle J and Aunt M will also be there, we think, if Aunt N remembered to invite everyone.  You just never know sometimes.  Still, we will arrive with sandwiches and birthday cards and have a good visit, as always.  Two of A’s sisters will go with us, and we always make an adventure of the day, usually with a stop somewhere for something fun that we don’t get to do often.  Not sure what it will be, A is in charge of driving and excursions.

Sunday – no plans.  Relax, work on projects. Admire the new, taller toilet.  :-)

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What I did on my summer vacation in photos   15 comments

Well, mostly photos.  I can never resist a few words.  :-)

A few touches for the screened porch – the lantern a tag sale item, the flower pot an IKEA special.


painting before



 painting during 2

painting during 1

and after:

painting after 1

painting after 2


Then there was knitting:

5 hats

I made these 5 hats in a couple of days – 4 side button hats, one Alpine Topper.  The Alpine still needs to be blocked to stop that curling edge.

Those side button hats need buttons, right?  I have been scouring yard sales to find some that are big enough, unique and special at reasonable prices.  I found these this summer:

buttons 1

Then, one day I was in a local artisan collective shop, killing time, and I found these babies.  They are made by a young woman who owns a quarry nearby.  She makes these stone buttons from the local granite, and the beach stones and tumbled china ones as well. And the shell – I love that shell! They are VERY reasonably priced, considering just how unique they are, so I bought several, and  expect I will get more someday. Maybe today… buttons 5

buttons 2

buttons 3

buttons 4

Now, how to choose?

choosing 1

choosing 2

choosing 3 

This is just too much fun, but I hope they sell!  I don’t really need ALL of these hats.  :-)



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